Tuesday, March 26, 2019

US Democracy in Jeopardy

The Russians landed planes and troops in Venezuela on Monday, March 25th, 2019. They received a 'rebuke' from the United States.   Venezuela is about 1700 miles from Florida. The range for an ICBM is 5000 miles. 

And the President of the United States does virtually nothing.

When the Russians planted missiles in Cuba in 1962, President Kennedy recognized the threat to our national security and did more than 'rebuke' Krushchev. He stood toe to toe with him for 13 days until Russia removed the damned missiles. 

Does anyone realize the nuclear threat here? The threat of invasion? Does anyone care that the Trump administration has apparently sold out our democracy?

And where the hell is the media? The only reports I see about this act of aggression are from the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.

We don't need the Mueller report; we only need to open our eyes. Trump is setting our country up for his Kleptocracy, with Russian backing.  It's obvious. It's imminent. What the hell happened to the United States making the world safe for democracy? What happened to making our country safe for democracy? Apparently Americans are too busy squabbling to open their eyes and see the evidence of collusion.  No loyal American president would allow Russia to invade Venezuela, so close to the US. 

Wake the hell up, Americans. All the rest of Trump's crimes pale in comparison to this treason. And many of those crimes are tied to it. He's been beholden to Russia for decades.  And he proved that when he kissed Putin's ass in front of the whole world in Helsinki. 

Trump belongs to the Russian mob, which controls the Russian government. And he is taking over our country with their help. They bailed him out of bankruptcy in the late 1980s, and because of that we now have a compromised president who is selling out our democracy. We have a crime syndicate in the White House posing as our government.


"House of Trump, House of Putin" by Craig Unger

"View from Flyover Country" by Sarah Kendzior

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What if I told you... fake news

What if I told you that "Fake News" is a propaganda campaign dreamed up by Robert Mercer who was hired by Trump to confuse Americans and distract them from legitimate investigative journalism exposing Trump's criminal and immoral past? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

No caging babies!!!! WTF is wrong with the US?

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions and the entire US is responsible for this and it's inhuman!  Anyone who supports this is a piece of rancid shit. 

Obama VS the current Fake POTUS

There was a post about the Republicans shutting down Obama at every turn, and lying about him constantly.  And then it went on to say that the author of the post would treat Trump the same way and I realized I agreed with every word, because I have been reading about Trump and his entire family from journalists and writers who supply our country with facts and always have. Who have Pulitzer prizes and journalistic awards for their objectivity, honesty, dignity, and integrity.  I've come to the conclusion that Trump shouts fake news at the top of his lungs because he has never had any of those qualities - they are not in his narcisstic nature, and neither was he reared with them.  Here is my reply to that post: 

Obama had more American ethic and class under his fingernails than the entire Trump family has, all the way back to the immigrant grandparents who were racist swindlers right from their arrival. Trump is a filthy smudge in the history books, hopefully a small one. 

And for all you Trump supporters and Obama detractors, read a book once in awhile instead of right wing blogs masquerading as news sources. Start with this one by Pulitzer Prize-winning David Cay Johnston:  "It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration is Doing to America."  I'm not even half through it and I want to throw up.  And just for the record, I don't really care who agrees with me.  Trump's campaign was propaganda and filled with lies. He distracted everyone with his opponent's flaws conveniently omitting the fact that he committed the same crimes, and many, many worse crimes all through his past and present.  His administration continuously violates the emolument clauses of the constitution.  He's turned the presidency of the United States into a racket, and he's snookered the American people into believing that reliable, ethical news sources are fake. 

The only fake thing in this country is Trump.  He's a thief.  He steals from average Americans - there are court orders and public records to prove it.  He's a liar - he's used illegal immigrants in the construction of his buildings because they would work under any conditions (he didn't supply safety equipment) because they couldn't complain - and then he stiffed them their $4 an hour pay because he could get away with it. 

He is a piece of garbage who abuses his presidential powers at every turn. He does nothing that isn't self-serving.  He is rich, white, racist, hateful, petty, vengeful,  piece of trash and a disgrace to the human race.  And as soon as I'm finished posting this, I will Tweet it directly to him. See if he calls me a liar and watch me shut him down with the facts.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank you, Larry Winget

I'm reading You're Broke Because You Want to Be by Larry Winget.  I had read Shut Up, Stop Whining, & Get a Life years ago, and found it refreshing among all the 'you have to love yourself' books that wanted to help people feel better about themselves, but never really offered much in the way of ways to change their circumstances. 

Not Larry.  Oh, no!  This man cuts right through the bullshit and excuses and lays the responsibility for someone's dissatisfaction right where it belongs: on them.  Awesome, Larry!  I am impressed with not only that about Larry, but about his own example of picking himself up and starting over when his life was in the crapper. Takes a lot to impress me. 

I am disabled.  I never whined about that.  Physical therapy was a bitch, took me four months, 400 miles away from everyone I loved (I had a horrible car accident on the way from Georgia to Delaware) and when I got home there were major changes in my life, physically. 

I am dependent on disability money for my livelihood, I had worked as a pharmacy tech and standing all day was impossible.  So I was home.  In a lift chair.  With nothing to do.  And I said to myself - this is a pisser in many ways, you're limited as hell, however, you always dreamed of having real writing time, not having to cram the writing into hours before and after work.  Get off your ass (figuratively) and get busy, bitch! 

That was eight years ago.  I now write and publish Owl's Eye View Magazine, I have 38 books of my own published digitally online, I'm married to author/publisher Blaze McRob, and we have founded Blazing Owl Press to publish our own eBooks.  I have learned how to use Pixlr.com to create my own book covers, and overcome my self-doubt and become editor for my husband's books as he's edited mine.

I just began an monthly series called Bust the Bullsh*t Brunch. 

So I'm not a slacker...exactly. 

But there are still areas where I need a nudge - okay, a kick in my complacent, procrastinating pants - and so I turned to Larry and am reading You're Broke Because You Want to Be.  Not making a lot of money off the books, and Social Security Disability is bullshit.  Seriously. 

So Larry my friend, you're on!  This is my Where I Am, Where I Want to Be, What I'm Willing to Give Up to Get There plan.  I'm going to publish that as a goal here on my blog, and then I'm going to write a book about my journey and publish it a year from now - see how far I can get in 52 weeks.  Lots of opportunity. 

  • I'm fat, (yes, fat none of that weight challenged bullshit) and struggling with pre-diabetes (I have cut back on carbs/sugar, but I could do better).  I weigh 242 pounds, (two pounds more than my husband, and we wear the same size sweat pants - ugh!!). 
  • I in crap physical shape.
  • I'm just eking by financially. I'm scared if something goes wrong I'll be out in the street.   (I budget pretty strictly, but again, I could do better).
  • My attitude about adjusting to being married and taking on chores and responsibilities that go with that sucks - I was single for 20 years before remarrying - when I am on a writing roll and have to stop and make dinner or run errands, it pisses me off - but I made choices, and I need to suck it up and either change my attitude, or change the way I work the chores in.  Also, this is my problem, not my husband's, he's an amazing guy.
  • My books aren't making money.  The hubs markets day and night in addition to his writing. Not helping.  I have to find a way to get out there and do speaking engagements or something. 
  • I am learning to design jewelry and I love it, but there just aren't enough hours in the day the way I'm going. 
  • My teeth are an unholy mess, I get infections and can't afford the dentist, though I do save, and Medicare doesn't cover dental; actually, Medicare doesn't cover shit. 

  • I want to be a better wife. 
  • I want my mouth fixed - dentures. 
  • I want to make more money, enough to live more comfortably, and have enough to tide me through whatever comes up.  I don't need to set the world on fire, but I'm tired of being scared.
  • I want to be at a healthier weight and feel better in general. 
  • I want my writing career to actually make some money. 
  • I want to better balance my time. 
  • I want to sell the jewelry and other crafts I create and make some freaking money. 


  • I'm a horror/dark fiction writer, predominately, but I've made a little more money by writing non-fiction (a free-lance contributor at Yahoo before their contributor's network collapsed).  I need to do less fiction and more non-fiction, and get off my ass and submit to some periodicals, and online places to make more money. 
  • I need to find the best ways to sell my jewelry and crafts online - I need to overcome my fear of not being able to keep up with the demand if the stuff actually sells and takes off. 
  • I need to switch things around - make the fiction writing part time and the non-fiction writing and jewelry full time.  And if none of that works, I need to get off my ass and find something else that does. 
  • I need to get off my fat ass more and get more exercise.  I also need to get back into the seated exercises that I used to do religiously again.  (I've been walking around the park when my husband fishes, with the Rollator (wheeled walker with a seat), so I can rest my ankle when it becomes painful, but that's only a couple times a week.  I need much more.) 
  • I need to be more disciplined about low-carb eating, and stop cheating. 
  • I need to be more careful about my spending, and I'm working on that.  Online shopping is too easy...though I make myself wait about buying - I put something in my cart, but I wait for a couple days before I purchase, to make sure it's not impulsive.  That helps me a lot.  Also, reminding myself of the dental work I desperately need keeps me from pissing away my money on frivolous junk. 
  • I need to stop with the social pages, jigidi.com, and solitaire games, and focus on more constructive pastimes in the evenings - like my jewelry design.  I've already cut way back on social pages, but I could do better. 
  • Also I could spend more time reading non-fiction that gives me more skill sets than I am, though I do - I read a lot of books on beading, wire-work, and bead-making that are helpful.  I need to market better, and actually apply what I learn better, so I will try reading more books on that.  I'm working on it. 
  • I need to make time for chores and activities that doesn't take away from my writing time.
So, Larry, there you have it.  This blog will be part of the opening chapter for my book.  You are the Pitbull of Personal Development, and you are one badass Pitbull.  I'm aiming to be the Bust the Bullshit Bitch.  One year.  It's gonna happen. 

Thank you for providing a map, Larry.  Next year you can read the eBook about my journey! 
Terri DelCampo