Friday, August 19, 2016

Social Security Woes

Why is it that the government can keep perfect track of my weekly paychecks – and I mean every single penny no matter how many jobs I worked, gifts I received, every single penny.  Yet when I reach retirement age, it all of a sudden becomes too complicated to send me a weekly paycheck? 

This is no coincidence.  A monthly payment – say the third Wednesday of each month means that on the months with five weeks in them, I eat the extra week – yet, when I was working, I'll be damned if the government missed that week of taking out that week's taxes and Social Security payment.  Oh no! 

So let me get this straight – the government steals all that money just by the way it distributes it back out to me.  Hmmm…

So the government should have a pretty steep surplus of stolen cash, shouldn't they? 

Well I want my money back.  Because if I neglected to pay my taxes, you can bet your ass the IRS would track me down and garnish my wages. 

Oh wait – the only people I can turn to for help are the corrupt politicians living high off of profits gained from my (and everybody else's) losses. 

We might very well have been better off with King George III.

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