Sunday, November 13, 2016


Why the hell are we teaching our children – and I don't mean toddlers; I mean college age children – to cave every single time they get a little curve ball thrown at them? Seriously?

When comes the part where we teach them to grow up?  That the world goes on no matter what happens? 

I was appalled to read an article about college kids whose exams were postponed so that they could deal with the disappointment of Trump being elected president.  Really?  Surely you're joking! 

You think Hillary Clinton crawled into her bed and whimpered the day after the election?  Doubt it.  She has responsibilities – she got up and did her job the next day.  Just like everybody else did. 

If I sound harsh and unsympathetic, good!  It's time to realize your mommies and daddies and teachers aren't there to fix everything for you! 

You don't like Trump?  Then climb the hell out of the womb, and start writing articles – start with commentary on political websites.  Run for local offices.  Organize protests and grass-root movements.  DO SOMETHING BESIDES PISS AND MOAN!  Come up with some answers.  That's what your education and preparation has been about. 

You don't like that the electoral college usurped the popular vote?  Then get off your asses and organize a movement to get rid of it.  Use your university resources to research what it would take to have the electoral college abolished! 

Do ANYTHING but crawl back into that womb of overprotection that your parents and teachers seem to think you need. 

Reality check, children (and I will call you that until you stand up and be counted as adults).  The world is not kind or patient.  Time is not on your side. There are no 'safe places!' Bad things happen, yet your house payments are still going to come due, your bosses are going to expect you to show up for work, your children are still going to need their diapers changed and their meals made. And there's no such thing as suspended animation.  Sometimes the name of the game is Deal With It. 

We have had serious jerks in the Oval Office before.  The country will survive. 

One last word:  Trump is counting on apathy.  He's counting on his opposition to feel defeated and just give up so he can steamroll the general population and do whatever he wants with no opposition. 

So oppose him!  Dog his every move.  Watch him like a hawk!  Make a lot of noise!  Speak up!  Research every minute of the man's life and triple check the facts.  When you're sure that what you've found is true, write articles and use the media.   Use social pages.  You can't change the world, or even your little corner of it by backing down and playing dead. 

Get up.  DO something!  You're smarter than this; stronger than this. And if your mommies and daddies and teachers assume you aren't, prove them wrong.   

Cut the cord and act like the adults you are. 

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