Thursday, March 2, 2017


Look!  This Facebook friend of mine bet that I'm so crappy a person that I'm too lazy and uncaring to share a post about a lonely kid dying with cancer who needs online hugs!  That cheap shot about me doesn't matter!  It's a great cause, and I'm so desperate to prove that I'm a good-hearted person, so insecure about my decency, that I'll share her post even though in the first part of the post, she bet that I was an asshole and wouldn't. 
If your meme or a post that you're sharing to get attention for a good cause, is phrased in such a way that it's an insult to your friends, (including me, and in turn my friends if I share it),  I will not be posting it, and that doesn't make me an asshole.  It makes me a person with self-respect who in turn treats my friends with respect.

Phrases like:

I'll bet half my friends won't bother posting this….

This is a little test for my friends to see if they are paying attention….

This is a little test for my friends to see if they truly care….

I believe in God.  I'll bet nobody has the guts to post this…

Let's see how good of an American you are….

Let's see how good of a Christian you are…

Or any other chickenshit, self-righteous, passive-aggressive "test" someone posts, will not be appearing on my wall for the simple reason that I know my friends are decent, caring, people, or they wouldn't be on my Facebook page in the first place.
Furthermore, I refuse to insult my decent, caring friends by sharing memes or posts that insinuate that they aren't if they don't share something appearing on my page.  Sharing a post for someone is a courtesy, not some damned test of friendship, and if you put someone in that position, you're blackmailing them.  Sort of like, "if you don't share my post/meme, I'm gonna take my dollies and go home, and you aren't my friend anymore! Humph!"

If you care about a cause, post it.  I'll share it.
If something bugs you, I'll try and help, and try and get my friends to help. 

If you need cheering up or hugs, I'm right there posting them. 

And so will my friends be. 
But not if you start your post out with an insult or back-handed compliment, because you wouldn't like it if I started a post that way, would you?  Because you wouldn't want to be disrespected like that.  No one would. 

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