Monday, June 11, 2018

Please listen...I'm begging you

Has anyone thought about why Trump would be considering pardoning himself if he wasn't guilty and knew it?  And why he's been casting doubt on legitimate news organizations since he started campaigning?  Perhaps because if Americans are confused and doubtful enough of the FREE PRESS, they won't believe it when his past crimes and immoral acts are unearthed?  

I'm reading a couple of different books about Trump right now.  They are by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists whose reputations are impeccable.  More importantly, being professional journalists, they back up their stories with facts – court documentation, public records.  They do not publish fake news.   

Trump used illegal aliens to demolish the building on the Trump Tower site.  He used Mafia cement to build Trump Tower.

He's in violation of the Emolument clauses of the constitution (which forbid the president from using his office for money-making) because he's conducting meetings and encouraging, (actually brow-beating) foreign dignitaries to use Trump International Hotel in DC which means he's profiting from his position as president.  He secured patents for his daughter's clothing line when he met with Chinese dignitaries.  The lease for the Old Post Office building he changed into Trump International Hotel expressly forbids a political office-holder from profiting from the building's use.  He doubled the fees for membership at Mar-A-Lago to $200,000 once he was president. 

Every time Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago it costs the taxpayers about 3 million dollars (Not just Air Force One, but also a C-130 to transport his limo and entourage).  And he has the nerve to charge the Secret Service for their accommodations at Mar-a-Lago – everything from their rooms, to meals, to the golf carts they use to follow him around the course).   

He's trying to limit the free press in their investigative reports because he has a lot to hide.  Like stiffing multiple companies that have done work in his buildings and on his golf courses.  That is not fake news, the information is documented and there are court orders forcing him to pay.  

It's time to wake up and admit that this president is a con-artist, a thief, and a fraud, not to mention seriously unstable.  He's trying to discredit the very institutions that can warn us about government corruption before it has a chance to get a stranglehold on the country.   

Please, open your eyes.  It wasn't just uneducated people who voted for this criminal.  It was the very wealthy, very shady characters who knew they would be protected by this corrupt administration.   

Respectfully, America, wake up, for our country is in trouble.  Seriously.

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