Tuesday, August 7, 2018

News about Bust the Bullsh*t Brunch series

Dear Readers,

I decided this morning to unpublish the Bust the Bullsh*t Brunch series, at least temporarily.  I had planned to publish it monthly, chock full of conversation about current events issues by the characters. However, reading back over the first publication, I saw that the issues – especially the conversations about the specific events in that month's news, were already dated and some were flawed because the issues had been addressed and situations had already changed.  Therefore, anyone starting at the beginning of the series would be bombarded with outdated information. 

I still like the idea of four writers at a workshop and then brunch afterwards, having lively conversations about the world around them, so if you are a fan, don't despair. Mav, Zab, Doreen, and Helen will be back. 

Thank you for reading my stuff!


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