Friday, February 13, 2015

It's time for Friday Frights!

Hello My Friends!

Just letting you know that my Friday Frights story "Beneath the Stump" is online now!  I used the general Friday Frights link so that you all have the opportunity to read the stories and poems of all the rest of the writers on the site as well.  There is some amazing dark fiction just waiting for your bloodshot eyes to read!  Muahaha!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Check out TENTACLES, my first FRIDAY FRIGHTS story!

Greetings Ooky Reader Friends!

I just posted a chilling little story, "Tentacles" on Visionary Press's "Friday Frights" blog!  Please check it out, along with all the other ookiness by deliciously twisted authors like Blaze McRob, Lisa Hollar, Chasity Conley, Robert A. Read and more from Visionary Press Collaborative.

 Friday Frights
Tentacles by Terri DelCampo

Leave comments, message me, email me, and let me know what you think!  More Friday Frights next week!

Also, it would not break my heart if you love the story and get carried away and go on Amazon and order all my books because you can't get enough of the ookiness!  Muahaha!   Terri DelCampo on Amazon.

And don't forget that "Owl's Eye View Magazine" is due out on Amazon on February 11th!   It will appear on as a Kindle book.  No Kindle?  No problem!  Free app to read Kindle books on your computer or iPad:

So there you have it!  A whole lot of ookiness to revel in over the weekend!