Saturday, June 8, 2013

Being the opinionated bitch that I am....

Good Morning, Friends! 
As you might know, I am a dark fiction writer, and self-publish my stories, novels, and columns in my online magazine,
Owl's Eye View satisfies my need to make stuff up and bring the ooky to my fiction readers, but there is a part of me, the opinionated bitch part of me, that needs just a little bit more.  That's where this blog comes in. 
I plan to keep a weekly journal for my personal thoughts and a chronicle of my life (if anybody really gives a shit about the minutiae of my life...).  And I will be doing little memoir pieces about my childhood and life history and personal experiences as well. 

Even more, I will include mini-essays here and there which will be labeled in the subject line as such--for fair warning to followers of my blog: Brace yourself.  Some of these essays will be thinly veiled rants about crap that bugs me, some of them will be sensitive pieces about life that some of you may consider borderline maudlin or downright sappy, and some of them will be bits of my life that if I don't cut up and be sarcastic about I'd probably be whining and crying about. 

In other words, this blog is a hodge-podge of aspects of my life and personality that don't get attention in my horror magazine. 

Hopefully I will stir your minds or hearts, or both, or at the very least let you know I haven't fallen off the planet (again, if anyone really gives a shit about that...).


To update you on my current life:  I live with my son Joe and daughter-in-law Cait and grandchildren Rosie and Joey, and their two Australian Cattle Dogs, Brie and Kato, because I am partially disabled after a car wreck in 2009.  Fortunately I am able to spend every day with my grandchildren, and help around the house, especially during difficult times, when Cait's cystic fibrosis throws her a curve ball and she needs time to physically regroup.  However, my physical limitations (even when I push myself past the point of caution) prevent me from doing as much to help as I like, but anything is better than nothing, I guess.  My family and my writing are my inspirations to go on with the obstacle course that is my life. 

Before my accident I lived in Alpharetta, Georgia for close to ten years, renting a room from my Georgia Family, Winnie (known to most other people as Buster) and Linda Gregg, and happily joining their family which includes their daughter Christine, her husband JP, their grandchildren Ashlyn and Alex, and Linda's mom Nan and dad Roey (who passed away last year, and I miss his wrinkled butt!)  How I arrived in Georgia is a story within itself that I will cover in another blog.   During those mostly blissful years I worked as a pharmacy tech at CVS pharmacy (which is why the years in Georgia were only mostly  If you want to know how I feel about working there, it sparked the creation of my dark-fiction novel M*E*D*S.  However, there are friends I made while working in that pharmacy that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

After my accident when I lived in Georgia, I had no responsibility beyond caring for myself, and so I had all the time I needed to write Owl's Eye View.  These days I'm upstairs helping out several days a week, sometimes from seven in the morning to late afternoon, so I've begun going to bed by nine (gasp!  I used to be such a night owl!) and rising at four in the morning to carve out a few hours of uninterrupted, silent writing time, when my mind is rested and fresh.  It has made a world of difference, and relieved a lot of my previous anxiety and stress.  (Like, I seldom go, "SHIT!  It's publishing day and I'm short a column!  Augh!) Yes, much better now...

So there you have it: I love my family with whom I live, and I write; therefore I am. 

For the chronicle update, I will be covering the past month and a half or so. 

Early in May we adopted Kato, a little brother for Brie, our Australian Cattle Dog.  He is not only an Australian Cattle Dog as well, he is almost identical to Brie, except that his ears bend and hers stand straight up, and  he is only about six months old while Brie is a mature dog.  (Well, mostly she's mature, except when they are playing together and then they're both just ca-RAZY!)

I got a Kindle in the middle of May and it has really simplified my life.  I read to Rosie and Joey (henceforth to be referred to as ROJO in my blogs) and rather than having to hunt down one of her books or lug books upstairs from my room, I just tap the screen of my Kindle and VOILA!  Stories by the hundreds!  And I can switch from age groups with the touch of a fingertip.  And when I'm done reading to ROJO, another little tap returns me to whatever grown-up book I'm currently reading, or whatever book I'm using to research a story or novel.  I can carry hundreds, nay thousands, of books around with me in my pocket.  Quite an awesome little toy, and I regret holding off buying one.  I've previously preferred books to devices, but not so these days.  Especially since I cannot sprawl my research out on a tabletop because I spend most of my time with my legs elevated and cannot sit up to a desk or table due to back pain. 

So I've come into the millennia as far as my reading habits are concerned. 

And eventually I will be changing my writing habits as well because I plan to publish my novels and stories (or perhaps Owl's Eye View) as eBooks, in addition to the website.  But that might take awhile, I have to learn the technology, which I'm currently researching--you guessed it!--on my Kindle! 

Okay, I guess that's about it for this blog.  I will be pulling notes together for the memoir bits and the mini-essays today, and perhaps will publish other items this very afternoon.

Once I get the comment field activated, I hope you'll respond to my blogs...

And when you want the made up, ooky stuff, drop by my site:

I will be in touch again soon.


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