Saturday, September 17, 2016

PAUSE FOR THOUGHT - Ben Carson Quote

While I respect Ben Carson speaking as a doctor, I have to call "pro-life" men (in general) hypocrites. 

Where was this concern for human life when women and their children (to the tune of 9 MILLION) were tortured to death during the witch hunts, and currently, when women's genitalia are mutilated to keep them from enjoying sex because it's a sin, when women are stoned to death for non-violent crimes, when women are dumped by men when those men are finished using them and don't want to stick around and raise the child they plant in the woman's womb, and when honor-killing is considered a religious freedom?

And where is all this respect for human life when men decide to wage war over political and religious ideology? When men stop declaring war then they can start talking to women about killing.

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