Sunday, January 8, 2017


I wanted it set down without bias or party politics, and I think this book provides that. 

Basically we got caught with our pants down – again – like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Bin Laden's escape into Pakistan, because cocky politicians ignored the intel. Of course there is added culpability in the case of Benghazi, since repeated and urgent requests for additional security forces were denied.  Everybody involved ignored the pleas from those who were actually in harm's way. 

It's a pathetic story (almost as pathetic as Bush ignoring intel about impending terrorist attacks planned for 9/11 – that's my input, not from the book). 

I found this book at once riveting, informational, sad, not particularly shocking – I'm getting used to our government dropping the security ball – but definitely frightening. 

This book does manage to skewer a few other government worms on the hook with Hillary Clinton, and rightly so. 

All in all it satisfied my quest for a non-partisan story, and also included the story about Ms. Clinton's email debacle. 

Three out of five stars, though, because there were serious mechanical flaws – sentences unfinished, wrong words not corrected.  Perhaps the writer will use trying to get the book out quickly as a reason for that, but that would be as flimsy an excuse as our government's for allowing our people to die due to woefully inadequate security.


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