Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy July 20th to Everyone! 

Okay, let’s see….

For the minutiae of last week: 

Last weekend Rosie got her hair layered and highlighted.  It’s very sophisticated and of course beautiful.  She looks like a little beach baby!  And I was glad she and Mommy got to spend some significant time together girl bonding.  It had been awhile and I think they both needed it. 

Cait and Joe went to his dad and Lauri’s for dinner last Saturday night and got back after eleven.  That’s as late as I’ve been up in months!  It’s funny how things come around.  I used to stay up until two and three writing.  Now I get up at three thirty or four to write.  I used to do that when my kids were young so I would have a couple hours of silence every day to string my thoughts together and now I’m repeating history with my grandchildren. 

I read that Cory Monteith from “Glee” died from a heroin overdose and really can’t help feeling pissed off.  My daughter-in-law with Cystic Fibrosis, no matter how healthy she lives, how hard she tries, still has a life of difficulty that may very well be abbreviated anyway.  She’s my best friend and a cloud over her.  I’m supposed to give a rat’s ass about a rich, spoiled moron who threw his charmed life away with both hands?  Bullshit. I feel for his family and friends who are hurting from the loss, but him? Nah.  Sorry. 

I was a hero on Monday.  I made strawberry ice-cream sandwiches on whole grain waffles for lunch for ROJO.  Hey, ya gotta treat ‘em every now and then.  I AM their grandmother, after all, right? 

And on that same train of thought, I left them taste my coffee this morning (DECAF!!!!!).  I make mine really creamy and sweet with Hazelnut Coffeemate.  Rosie said it “tastes weird.”  Joey loved it! 

Rosie loves Blackjack.  She got the hang of it really quick.  We’ve been playing a lot this summer.  Too bad neither of us has any money to bet.

Cait was out in the back yard the other day in heat wave weather to finish the e-fence before vacation, bless her heart.  It has to be working properly before everybody leaves on vacation.  I can’t bend to leash dogs and wrestle with them at the door.  Just not in my capabilities.  I’ve been really stressed about that.  I can handle them okay otherwise, I think. 

I saw this hysterical post on Facebook: 

“When you see me in heaven don’t shit yourselves you judgmental pricks!” 

Swear to God I almost peed my pants. 

OMG!  Joe just played this for me: 

I almost wet my pants laughing so hard!  Seriously hilarious. 

Okay, all over Facebook, people are badmouthing Rolling Stone Magazine for their cover of the Boston Bomber.  Naturally, being the opinionated bitch that I am, I have a viewpoint which is: 

You want to tell me why people are threatening to boycott this magazine because they did an article about an average kid falling in with radical Islam and turning into a monster?  It’s not like the article celebrates his action.  Why is it all right for Time Magazine to show Hitler, Jim Jones, and other horrors of humanity on their covers, slating them as persons of the year (meaning the most newsworthy) and Rolling Stone includes a serious story about a monster and they are condemned?  Why is this considered a ‘rock star’ cover?  The cover blurb calls him “The Bomber” and describes him as a monster.  How is that making him out to be a rock star?  Perhaps the people protesting are illiterate. 

That was my Facebook comment when I posted the article from MSN’s trending stories. 

I also posted this comment:  I will say it again:  I fail to understand how a cover, indicating a story about how a relatively decent kid falls into Islam and turns into a monster is sympathetic to The Bomber?  I haven’t read the article, but I have read at least the cover title, and the picture is self taken by the bomber.  It’s not like they went into prison and conducted a glamor shots photo shoot.  And the article examines how this kid went down the tubes.  Am I to believe that Time, Newsweek, US News, and every newspaper in America never ran a picture of this criminal?  Rolling Stone was the only magazine in the country that ran a picture of Tsarnaev? 

Then I posted: 

and said: 

Time Magazine often chose controversial (Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini) “Person of the Year” people.  Not to glorify them, but to illustrate that they made a mark on history.  I don’t see the difference her.  There are a lot of people, young people, turning to violence and extremist ways and I actually commend Rolling Stone, as well as other media, for examining why. 

I think it’s dangerous to take things at face value without taking a closer look.  While gut reactions may often be the most accurate, not always.  Maybe Trayvon Martin would be alive if Zimmerman hadn’t jumped to conclusions and gone with his gut reaction.  Because sometimes there’s a whole world of story below the surface. 

So that’s how I feel about THAT! 

Okay.  I think I’m done. 

Except perhaps to leave you with this sentiment I came across: 

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. 

And on that note I will depart for this week. 






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