Saturday, July 13, 2013

Touched by Dustin Hoffman, Chilled by Andy Deane, bummed by Broken Old Broad body...

Good Morning Blogees!

Welcome to my headful of scattered thoughts that I will be attempting, in this blog, to sort out so I can dazzle you. 

Sometimes I come across tidbits on the Internet that truly touch me, and the other day someone posted a segment of an interview with Dustin Hoffman that, as a woman, warmed my heart and increased the respect that I already had for him. 

He said that when he read the script for the movie “Tootsie”  he told his wife that he had to do the movie because when he was considering the part, he had makeup people turn him into ‘Dorothy Michaels’ to make sure he would be believable as a woman.  He was disappointed that they couldn’t make Dorothy more attractive.  Then he realized that ‘Dorothy Michaels’ was an interesting woman he started thinking about all the interesting women he’d overlooked previously in his life because they hadn’t been attractive enough by standards he’d been brainwashed into believing, to draw his initial attention.

And, with tears in his eyes he said, “That movie was never a comedy to me,” which is probably the most honest and sensitive thing I’ve ever heard come out of a man’s mouth—ever. 

While there were hilarious aspects to that movie, I completely identified with Dorothy Michaels’ frustration and struggles to gain respect.  Not only have I been ignored because I’m less than the physical standard of a beautiful woman, but because I chose to be a stay-at-home mom instead of working outside my home when my children were small. 

Even though I’ve written six novels, three novellas, and dozens of short stories, many of my husbands’ friends (both male and female) ignored me completely, even when they were sitting around my dinner table eating food that I’d prepared.  It’s like I wasn’t even in the room much of the time. 

When I read about Dustin Hoffman’s epiphany, it touched me very deeply, and provided a little much-needed balm to a very sore spot.  Thank you, Mr. Hoffman, for your honesty and your sensitivity, for your respect for women, and for making such a wonderful movie. 


Okay, while looking up that link, I came across this appearance of Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro on Letterman which cracked me up. 

Okay, next subject. 

I’m reading a well written book called “All the Darkness in the World” by Andy Deane.  I love reading Andy’s stuff because he has a gritty, non-pretentious literary style that is just perfect for the horror genre.  He has a gift for writing seriously vivid imagery that I admire and brings to mind some of the imagery of Stephen King, though Andy’s style is all his own.  (For instance, there’s a scene describing another character as ‘meaner than a hungry piranha with a hemorrhoidal flare up’ and then a scene where his character is describing the worst thing he could imagine as ‘an asshole full of shit-eating ants.’)  Can you say immediate cringe?  Well done, Andy! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy face to neck (He’s about six-three or four, topped off with another six inches of usually blue Mohawk),
when he appeared with his band, Bella Morte, at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago.***  I’d been a fan of the band long before his books came out, and walked up to him at his merch table across from the Cruxshadows’ table and reached up and pinched his cheeks, saying, “Andy, you’re so goddamned cute!”  He was taken aback, and George shouted across the aisle from the Cruxshadows table: “Oh my God!  Somebody has finally rendered Andy speechless!”  I am honored, because Andy is not the shy type.  I’ve spent many pleasurable hours at DragonCon panels (writing, Goth, Music) laughing at the hilarious ‘on the road’ stories tossed back and forth by Andy and Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows, Ego Likenesss, The Last Dance, and Voltaire (who, appropriately enough, wrote an intro for “All the Darkness in the World.”) 

Okay, I digressed in a big way, but I like that story.  Almost as much as I like “All the Darkness in the World.”  Andy Deane is a top shelf horror writer, and pens a great read in “All the Darkness in the World” as well as in “The Sticks.”  Grab copies of both and enjoy the chills! 

*** Thanks to for the image of Andy Deane! 


On the home front things have been relatively quiet.  Been running on fumes the last couple of days, waking well before my usual four a.m., which is my writing time (Because even the dogs are unconscious at that hour!).  I used the time to my advantage and got the “From the Perch” column of “Owl’s Eye View” plotted out for the coming year, plus penned some disquieting short stories.  But I’ve been kindof stressed recently.  Sometimes no matter how much I want to pitch in and be a help I simply can’t physically manage it, which pisses me off like you wouldn’t believe, and at those times there isn’t enough St. John’s Wort in the universe.  Writing and being here to help my daughter-in-law with the munchkins and the household as much as I can is pretty much my raison d’etre.  When my freaking broken body gets in the way of the “Broken Old Broad” title gets a little too real (even though, when my 4 year old grandson says it, I can’t help but laugh, no matter how pissy my mood is).  Ah well, fiddle-de-fuckin-dee….tomorrow’s another day. 


There’s a five hour respite from the rain before the next freaking storm is predicted.  Cait and Joe are taking the kids and the dogs to the park to burn off some energy.  Thank goodness—everybody’s been cooped up because of bad weather all week—it’s the stuff of horror stories.  Muahaha! 

Okay.  Back to writing short stories. 




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