Monday, August 24, 2015

Girl Scouts are Taunted While Protesting Animal Abuse My Response

A few weeks ago there was a article about a small group of Girl Scouts being taunted by adults while protesting at an animal shelter that was accused of neglect and abuse of its animals.  I responded on Facebook, thought I would enter it as a blog. 

adults taunt girl scouts and my post about it

You know, if little girls can see that there are problems with an animal control shelter, then maybe it's time for the county to clean up their act. As far as the so-called adults who taunted them and were rude to them, shame on them! They are little kids who are apparently a lot more compassionate and civic minded than the adults who set such a pathetic example outside that meeting. And specifically to those who say "go back to Baltimore," perhaps you should crawl back under your slimy moldy rock.

Good for you, Girl Scouts! Never give up, never back down!

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