Monday, August 24, 2015

If I Called in the Night with my Heart Full of Tears - from Facebook

The other day there was a meme on FB, geared toward people suffering from PTSD.  But it applies to friends well beyond that, and I am living proof.  There are loved ones I've called in the midst of crises in my life, and I decided to give them a shout out on Facebook: 

meme: If I called you at midnight with my heart full of tears would you help me?  If yes, return and share you will see how many friends would be there for you. 

I know this is for PTSD, and yes, I would be there for any vet if they called me at midnight with problems.  However, members of my family here in Georgia have been there for me, more than once when I called with eyes filled with tears, and I'm alive and well because of them.  Shoutout to Christine Heeger, J.P. Heeger for helping me many years ago when I called you from Englewood Beach in desperation, and to Linda Gregg and Havard Gregg for following up on the help.  For also being there on a desperate morning when I lay broken in a North Carolina trauma center, and for following up by getting my stuff out of the car and visiting 8 hours away from home and replacing my phone and clothes and glasses, and for rescuing me in September when I needed to come home after a difficult patch up north.  You define the terms friendship, love, nurturing, compassion, generosity, concern, family.  I love you guys more than even those words can say.  <3  Thank you with all my heart and soul. 

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