Sunday, August 14, 2016


I'm getting right to the point.  This morning on Facebook I came across this sentiment: 

I thought it was a little one-sided, and came up with one of my own: 

Okay, here's the thing.  If you accept God as the creator of everything, positive and negative, and say, "He protects me, and cares for me, etc."  But then, have to admit that he creates the things you need to be protected from, doesn't that imply that you are a masochist submitting to a sadist?  To submit to religion is, in my humble opinion, a form of Stockholm syndrome. 
I personally believe that you can appreciate the wonders of the world and the universe without the blinders of religious superstition.  Things are what they are.  There is mystery that doesn't need the fairy tales of so-called holy books to try to explain it, and certainly does not need to be explained by superstitious men who thought that the world was flat, that the world was the center of the universe, that men should be worshiped as prophets and women should be completely submissive, and that slavery is permissible.  Men who tortured and slaughtered anyone who disagreed with them. 
I've read several holy books cover to cover and have come to the conclusion that everyone has a soul.  Spirituality isn't what comes out of books – spirituality comes from one's own soul.  Good, bad, somewhere in between, it's not about some disconnected god up in the heavens, it's about love and decency within your own mind and heart. 

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