Thursday, July 30, 2015


On Censorship and Banning Books

I don’t like decisions made for me.  I can read and decide for myself and for my children what is appropriate or not.  I do agree that parents should be notified when children are going to be studying/reading/viewing books, art, films, plays, etc. that have content that parents might want to discuss with their kids.  But any parent worth their salt is involved enough with their kids to already know that.  Nothing was banned in my house when my kids were growing up.  My only rule was that I listened to music, watched movies, and read books along with my kids at first.  How can you teach kids right from wrong without letting them see the wrong as well as the right?  I’d rather my kids learn about the ills of the world via books, art, film, etc., than to learn from personal experience or be victimized during life because they were too sheltered and went out into the world unprepared. 

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