Thursday, July 30, 2015


Greetings Friends and Loved Ones,

I have set up a couple of different blogs under my name in which I plan to re-publish my articles from when I freelanced for Yahoo Contributor's Network.  Those blogs are: "Write Now with Terri DelCampo," "Healthy Nudge with Terri DelCampo," "Disability Challenges with Terri DelCampo," and today I created "Lisa Galloway's Poetry" because Lisa Galloway, of Visceral Verse fame has poetry to publish of a non-horror nature and needs a forum.  I'm giving her one. 

While the other blogs are articles that I wrote with documented research sources to back me up, I wanted to publish my opinion/editorial pieces somewhere, and I thought since they are strictly my opinion, I would go ahead and publish them within my personal blog and call them "Pause for Thought" pieces.  And there are some personal experience articles and essays I published on Associated Content that I will publish on this personal blog as well.  So brace yourself.  My ideas will be splatting you in the near future.  Muahaha! 

For an update, Blaze and I are settled downstairs in the studio apartment off the garage now, and it's working out nicely, except the fridge died this morning and I spent all morning cooking up everything that was in the freezer.  We have food for the week now.  And it all turned out yummy so no harm done.  Except that now we need a fridge.  Ugh! 

I am working my way through editing responsibilities and it's coming right along.  I concentrate a whole lot better with Blaze here where I'm not worried about him, instead of 2000 miles away in Cheyenne, in questionable health and pushing himself too hard.  I can just look up and see his smiling face, watching him create his bizarre and chilling tales as I sit with my laptop creating mine.  Muahaha! 

We have a lot of fun, Blaze and I!  Bless his heart, he does have a handful to put up with, with me.  I'm not easy.  I get frustrated by life's crap easy, get rammy about it, and grumble.  He is so even-keeled and good natured.  We're both opinionated.  And apparently I'm bossy.  (Me???)  O.o  So far so good, though, where the relationship is concerned.  We tend to tease each other a lot, and laugh a lot.  And it works. 

My teeth are still a mess and eight grand just to get them pulled (not counting dentures!) is simply not going to happen.  Gotta figure something out though.  Nothing fun about this. 

One of these mornings I will wake up with the ambition to hang my knick knack shelves and art and photos up on the walls and get all the stuff out from under Blaze's bed.  That's when our apartment will look more like a home than a flop.  But right now I'm trying to catch up on all the writing and editing projects I've been expertly putting off.  Lots of that.  

So I'll be going now.  Love to all.  

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