Thursday, July 30, 2015


Yes, Friends and Loved Ones, I actually know how to do some stuff.  Allow me to share this one! 

Terri’s Do-It-Yourself Haircut

          When I was in my twenties and newly married, money was scarce, and I became ruthless about reducing unnecessary spending.  I borrowed from the library instead of buying books, we got cable and watched movies at home which was far less expensive, and I made popcorn for a fraction of what it cost at the theater.
One day I was looking in the mirror, thinking my hair needed a trim, already irked at the money I would have to spend on it.  I gave it some thought and figured out a way to cut it myself, that is surprisingly simple and gives me consistently excellent results.  (Not to mention has saved me a fortune over the last several decades!) 
          If you’re like my friends, you’re probably wondering how I manage to see the back of my head to get things even. 
          There is a little trick to it. 
          First, decide how long you want your hair to be.  (I cut mine very short, 1-1/2 inches in length.)
          You take a toilet paper tube, flatten it, and cut off a piece of it, the length you want your hair to be. 
          Slit the side of the piece of tube open. 
          This is your cutting guide.  You wrap the piece of tube around a section of hair, with it resting snugly against your scalp, and snip off the hair at the opposite end.  You repeat this cutting technique until all of your hair has been cut.  You can literally close your eyes when using this method of haircutting. 
          You can decide to leave the ends around your ears and at the nape of your neck feathery, or you can trim them straight.  I usually trim out my ears, and leave the nape of my neck feathery, though I trim the wisps that actually grow on my neck.  If you have a shaver with a sideburn trimmer on it, that is easier than scissor trimming the wisps, but it’s not necessary. 
          And voila!  There you have your own do. 
          Extra hint: 
          I have long since replaced the piece of toilet paper tube with a piece of plastic needlepoint grid, which I wrap around my hair in the same way.  That way I can dampen my hair so it’s easier to cut, and the guide doesn’t get soggy.  But before I thought of needlepoint grid, I used toilet paper tubes, pieces of tissue boxes, pieces of butter tub lids, whatever was able to be bent around my hair yet stiff enough to become a cutting guide. 
          Have fun looking beautiful and saving your money! 

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