Thursday, July 30, 2015



Terri DelCampo

Okay, so I ate, I exercised, I romped with the doggie a little bit, time to get down to business, at last.
Oh, no.  That isn’t how it works, exactly.  You see, there are a whole list of things I have to do that are work-related, but of course, there are personal chores that I’ve failed to keep up with in the past two years that I held a full-time job outside my home.  There are friends and relatives I haven’t written to, maintenance on the car that got neglected for lack of time, people I should visit who think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, discussion groups at bookstores that looked interesting, afternoon matinees at most affordable prices that are uncrowded, beautiful weather to enjoy while walking through the park or sitting on a bench, a turtle’s aquarium to clean out, moldy grout in the bathroom to scrub. 
And if by some miracle of a chance I do actually fire up the old computer, there is my Mah Jongh title to defend, chat rooms to visit, e-mail to answer.
You would think writing was my least favorite occupation considering how hard I work to not get started, wouldn’t you? 

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